Meat the Miesters

Brian Roberts 

Voted best looking Meatmiester


Brian is one of the original founders of the Meatmiesters and truly believes a little love and BBQ can change the world! Brian helps manage fundraising an​d event planning efforts for the Meatmiesters. He lives in Burleson Texas and is married to his wife Hattie and has 2 beautiful little girls Juliette and Scarlett. 


Fun Fact: Brian is the reason we have a first aid kit!

Chris Flores 

Director of the Hourly Hug Program 


Chris joined the Meatmiesters a short time after it was formed. He loved the thought of giving back and giving him a reason to BBQ more! Chris lives in Arlington Texas with his wife Lacy and two amazing kids Brea and Cade. Chris handles anything to do with the pits and smoking operations. He also takes care of the meatmiester finances!


Fun Fact: Chris enjoys hourly hug sessions at all events.


Tony Nicks

Director of Margarita Taste Testing


Tony joined the Meatmiesters in its 2nd year. Prior to joining the Meatmiesters he worked with them regularly making shirts, hats and banners. He knew quick he wanted to do more. Tony lives in Joshua Texas with his wife Amberly and 3 great kids Landen, Addie and Emmie! Tony takes care of all the Meatmiesters designs, clothing and any digital marketing. He can also cook a mean rack of ribs! 


Fun Fact: Tony is a huge fan of raspberry chipotle!






Russell Carter

Director of Housekeeping 


Russell joined the Meatmiesters just a few years back. He used to be a rival team and compete next to the Meatmiester, but learned quick it was easier to join them than beat them! We were so glad to welcome him to the team. Russell takes care of all the social media aspects and is the team pastor.....yes we need a pastor, don't judge us. Russell lives in Weatherford with his wife Candace and son Riley. 


Fun Fact: Russell once thought Pit Stains BBQ was a cool BBQ team name.


Randy Randall

Director of Retirement/ Senior Activities


Randy, like Brian is one of the original founders of the Meatmiesters. After the first charity event Randy was hooked and hasn't slowed down since! He is a key part at all Meatmiester events and is a brisket cutting machine! He is also a fan of the hourly hug program. Randy lives in Alvarado Texas and has two beautiful granddaughters. 


Fun Fact: If you see Randy drinking from a mason jar know it isn't water!

Damen Robbins

Taste Testing/Sampling Director


Damen is the newest member of the Meatmiesters. He helped at a couple of events and realized fast he wanted to a part of what was happening with the team. Damen is a key hand at all of our events. He is our utility guy... he can do it all. Damen lives in Azle with his wife Kristin and beautiful daughter Kyndal. 


Fun Fact: Damen can do a perfect Hank impression from King of the Hill. 






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